Creatures of habit

The place where I usually do grocery shopping recently changed the small bags for fresh produces. They used to have a type with strap handles, and now they have one with no handles. That bothered me. Because before it was easy to close them, while now they are left open, and fruit and vegetables come out when I am at the counter.

Today my 7-years old daughter came with me. She took a small bag with no handles, put pears in it, and closed it with no efforts. She took another one, put tomatoes in it, and again closed it with no efforts.

The point is that we are creatures of habit.

We tend to do things the same way we always did, even when things change, even when it does not work anymore. And that’s why it is valuable to have somebody who does things differently around, somebody who has a different background, who thinks in a different way, who never before had the chance to get used to small produce bags with handles.

The first step is to recognize we do not have all the answers. It is easier said than done.

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