We do most things because we expect an outcome.

But we have this wrong, in that it is not the outcome that defines the things we do.

If we write a blog post, and nobody reads it, likes it, shares it, we still have a blog post. There is nothing different in the work we have put in, in the tools we have used, in the practices we have followed, in the experience we have made. The act of writing the blog post, and the blog post itself, is not enriched (or impoverished) by the number of visitors it gets (or it fails to get).

And so, a smart first step when you choose you want to ship, is to free yourself from the trap that is the outcome. That is the only way to do with consistency, even when no one is watching, to make of doing a practice that sustains your motivation, your creativity, your purpose.

Outcomes are volatile. Doing has the power to be forever.

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