The temptation

Having an idea, an opinion, some knowledge, a preference comes with a strong temptation. The temptation to overwhelm, to impose, to change, to replace.

We cannot be wrong, and therefore all that is around us must accomodate our view.

This temptation grows stronger as two things happen.

First, the more we accumulate experience the more we think what has worked so far will also work here and now. Second, the more we are high up in a hierarchy the more we expect it is our right to have better ideas, opinions, knowledge, preferences.

Executive, managers, leaders regularly give in to this temptation. And it is not a matter of being right or wrong. It is more a problem of breaking morale, of mining trust, of diminishing the value you can get from people who work with you.

Temptations can be resisted though. It takes practice and discipline, but it is not impossible. And in this case it will translate in an act of kindness that people will reward you for.

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