Precaution and preoccupation

In certain circumstances, when much is at stake, when it’s a matter of life or death, when you are trying to contain a problem that could have grim repercussion, overreacting can be the right choice. It’s about protecting something that is dear, and it is ok to be overly precautious.

Being preoccupied, on the other hand, is rarely the better thing to do. It’s a distraction to keep us busy, a way to delay important decisions, a focus that engulfs our mind and that we do not need.

Precaution is action that keeps the problem at bay. Preoccupation is debate that makes the problem big enough so that nothing else exists.

Precaution is (it should be) the language of governments, authority, leadership. Preoccupation is the language of media, populism and masses.

Choose carefully which one to utilize as you go about this difficult time.

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