A viable option

When you are tired of an exchange – with a colleague, your partner, a friend, your kid – it’s ok to be the one stopping it.

We always want to win, but sometimes, oftentimes, sending the ball back to the opposite side of the court is just not worth it. Grab the ball, say that you are sorry, and move on.

Almost nothing in life is a battle with winners and losers. Renouncing is a viable option.

For you and for me

What’s in it for me?

That’s on our mind when we approach something, whether consciously or unconsciously. We have some idea of what we will get from a situation, from a person, from a request. We play scenarios in our head and expect to maximise the value we can get.

Of course, everybody does that at the same time, and so focusing on what you could get is probably not going to take you very far.

Challenge yourself and start with: Here is what’s in it for you.

Once that becomes the default, you will find you can change the world.

Long-term investment

Building good relationships requires that you are in a good relationship with yourself. At the same time, when you are in a good relationship with yourself, it’s often the case that you lose the opportunity to build good relationships.

Use your own inner strength to put strong foundations below the relationships with your partner, with your friends, with your colleagues, with your community.

It’s a long-term investment in well-being.

In event of crisis

If your company wants to write a public note about the current situation in Ukraine – or any other crisis for what matters -, make sure that falls into one of those two categories.

  • You are letting your audience know about something deeply impactful you are doing, or plan to do, that could change the situation for the better for a good portion of the people involved.
  • You are directing the attention of your audience towards someone or some other organisations that can actually do something deeply impactful and might need additional support.

And always remember, even at a time like this, silence is an option.

Stay strong.

Things in perspective

If today you have spent more time checking news sites and social media rather than doing your work, that’s ok. If you have been distracted, if you have struggled to focus, if you now feel you have achieved nothing, that’s ok. If the last minute meeting felt like just too much to take, that’s ok.

If your boss or somebody else has not extended their full support, empathy, and understanding, that is not ok.

Take your time. Breathe.

We’ve got this.