Not acting on feedback

Never act on every single piece of feedback. And be aware that not acting on feedback is a strong signal you are sending.

What are you going to say when asked about it?

Option number one. “I forgot”. It can certainly happen, and what you are basically saying is that the relationship with the person who delivered the feedback is probably not as important as they thought. Not necessarily a bad signal to send, but one to go about extremely carefully.

Option number two. “I considered it, and did this instead”. It shows reflection and thoughtfulness, nonetheless it will probably not buy you any additional points with the person who delivered the feedback. Make a strong argument and possibly support it with facts. It will at least solidify your reasoning for going a different way.

Option number three. “I don’t care”. The person who delivered the feedback is not your audience, somebody you care about, somebody your work is for. It is actually positive to make this decision every now and then, be extremely mindful about it.

Where did you stand the last time you did not act on feedback received?

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