What you are and who for

Few months back I got to know Stripo. I was looking for a way to spice up our internal email updates, and I wanted a tool that could let me build a compelling visual easily and with no coding.

The tool is great, there’s a free trial if you want to check it out. But what really stands out to me after having visited their website few times now, is the perfect way their solution is introduced to the world, right above the fold of their website.

Drag & Drop Email Template Builder – Simple and clear, sets you right away on the right course to understanding what you are looking at. At the same time, they are telling you they are not in the same business as other popular Saas that deal with email, positioning their offering in a very specific niche (“email template builder”). It’s interesting to notice how some of their competitors fail to do just that, because they prefer to put the emphasis on the more common and confounding term (“email”), or because they add complexity with the use of a second term (“content management platform”).

Create professional and responsive email templates fast without any HTML skills – While it is mainly a confirmation of the sentence above, this value proposition statement adds two important elements: what’s in it for me (“fast” = time saving) and why should I stop my research here (“without knowing any HTML skills” = a solution for people with no technical background).

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