100 days of blogging

Today marks my 100th day of blogging. 100 consecutive days.

It’s just been a bit more than three months, and already I can identify some pretty good benefits from my practice.

First of all, I am getting better at fighting resistance. Resistance is with me basically every day I open the WordPress app on my PC, it is with me even before that. I have stopped listening to it. Even though a post is not the best possible I could write, even when I have no idea what I will blog about, even when I am tired and drained. I go on.

Then, I am less and less critical of what I write. This is, and will probably always be, a difficult balance to strike for me. I do not want to write shit, I want to make sure my thoughts are clear and digestible, and at the same time I need to not over worry about the content I am putting out here (if I’ll do, I’ll get stuck). So far, it worked.

And finally, my opinions and ideas are crystallizing. I have started writing things down few years back to make sure I could be more comfortable when speaking, for example before important conversations or meetings. Yet blogging every day allows me to clarify my thoughts on a wider range of topics, and this is something that I feel will continue to add up as I keep at it.

Very happy to have made it this far. Now, let’s go on.


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