We are all main characters …

… to our own story.

And yet, there’s a tendency to read too much in the actions of others. As if they are mere extras in our lives, their only purpose being confirming (or more often denying) what we feel about ourselves or the way we’d like to be perceived. 

When we realise that others are the main characters to their lives, just as much as we are to our own, we understand that when they act, they do so most likely because of something that is happening to them. Not because of us, the way we are, the things we do.

If we are in doubt, we could be humble and ask.

Did you do this because of that?
Was that what you meant when you said this?
Can you explain why you acted like that?

More often than not, we’ll get confirmation that our script – the one in which they are trying to get ahead of us or stab us in the back – is just one of the millions of scripts that run in parallel in the world.

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