30 days (and some)

It’s the last day of January, and this means I have been blogging daily for 30 days (actually, something more).

I am happy I have sticked with it. And what makes me even more happy is that so far I have avoided overthinking – “I should not post this”, “This deserves more editing”, “I’ll post this when I have more information”, and I have never for a second stopped wondering if this or that post would get me more views, likes, visitors or followers.

The overthinking part, at least for me, is particularly precious. Overthinking, overediting, overcriticising my work is something I am prone to. That is one of the main costume resistance wears when it comes dissuade me from doing.

Few of my favourites from the month have been.

Write it down – An invitation to elaborating thoughts, feelings, ideas, and more with words.

We are all main characters .. – A reminder that others are trying to do their best just like we are.

Burning or building – A clear choice we constantly have to make.

On to the next 30, then.

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