Making up

Saying that you are sorry is great, and of course when you do that often for the very same reason, then deep down you are not sorry anymore.

I am sorry I am always late.

I am sorry I never call.

I am sorry I keep getting mad.

If you catch yourself doing that, there are two options.

Either you realize that the thing you are always sorry for is not as important for you as something else.

I am always late (not important) because I like to arrive when everyone is already there (important).

I never call (not important) because I do not want to talk to you (important).

I keep getting mad (not important) because that is my go-to way to express discomfort (important).

It is legitimate, and you have got to accept that others might have a different set of priorities and decide to move on.

Or you might realize that, while you genuinely want to change the behaviour, you are stuck. And in that case, as you go through your own soul searching, there is one important question you need to answer: How can I make up with them?

I am sorry I am always late, I will take some time after the meeting to edit the notes and send them around.

I am sorry I never call, I will keep you updated by sending you an email every week.

I am sorry I keep getting mad, I will make it clear to others it is on me if we are not getting along.

Of course, you can always ask: How can I make up with you?

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