Before the holidays

Few advises for your last day before the holidays.

  • Take care of the emails early in the day. You don’t want to send out an important message while you are rushing out of the office.
  • Find the courage to say no to last minute requests. In fact, plan your day (even your week) in advance, and stick to the plan.
  • Keep the day free of meetings, and let everybody know in advance.
  • Allocate half an hour to draft a schedule for your first day back. It’s going to make your last days of vacation feel more relaxing.
  • Update your calendar for once you are back. Mark down personal commitments to avoid double bookings, send out invites for things you need to follow up with, allocate time for breaks.
  • Remove work related apps from the phone.
  • Log off 5 minutes earlier.

I promise you, when you are back, everything is still going to be there.

Enjoy the summer!

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