My people resist change

Three ways to go about change in companies.

  1. Engage with the people affected in time. Instead of going for behind-closed-doors decisions and big reveals, make everyone part of the process. You won’t lose control, and you will win a variety of perspectives and a clear view on what the major problems will be.
  2. Meet people where they are. It is way to easy to say my door is always open. So easy, in fact, that nobody will ever come to you. Make an intentional effort, instead, to check in with people where they hang out: meetings, 1-1s, chats, kitchen tables. You won’t lose power, and you will win connections, face time, and trust.
  3. Say it. Say it again. Say it once more. The saying goes, I told you I love you when we got married, I’ll let you know if anything changes. Of course, it is a joke. Then why do you do just that when it comes to change? Build a marketing campaign around change, make the message relevant, clear, inspiring, and then repeat it in every possible occasion. You won’t waste time, and you will win commitment and alignment.

And change is so much more than this. But since none of the above ever gets done, you could try starting here before complaining that your people resist change.

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