Broken trust

Trust is given, trust is built, trust is broken.

And when it is broken, it needs repairing.

A great way to go about this is to start with “I am sorry”. And honestly stop there. At the very least until the other party signals that they are ready to move forward, under a tacit agreement that trust will not be broken again.

A lazy way to go about this is one of the infinite variations of “it’s not my fault”. For sure, you were busy, a pandemic hit, the circumstances were exceptional, the end of the quarter was around the corner. A wide array of ways to simply say: “listen, I can’t commit, trust will be broken again.”

A bad way to go about this is to pretend nothing happened. To go about your day as if everything was fine, as if no break needed repairing, as if the other person would not be telling you over and over again that there is a problem. This does not lay the ground for any type of future relationship. It is just a loud and clear: “I do not care”.

2 thoughts on “Broken trust

  1. Thanks for your comment Jagesh! I imagine a lot depends on the type of relationship and how much you care, but I am pretty sure all of us have followed the “bad way” at one point or another. Don’t beat yourself up too much! šŸ™‚


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