[During the first three quarters of 2019], Facebook has shut down 5.4 billion fake accounts on its main platform, but millions likely remain, the social networking giant said Wednesday. That’s compared to roughly 3.3 billion fake accounts removed in all of 2018.

CNN Business, full article here

Let that sink in.

In Q3 2019, Facebook reported 2.4 billion monthly active user, and at the same time they had to remove almost 600 million fake users per month since the beginning of the same fiscal year.

The fact that Facebook is doing something about it is praiseworthy, yet isn’t it perhaps time to have a first principles look at how social media accounts are created?

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  1. […] Companies are about to send a signal to Facebook. But a signal, as strong as it can be, is stuck in a single moment in time. What about when July is over? Losing 1% of ad revenue for one month is not going to change the way Facebook carries out its business. […]


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