What we’d like

How would you like others to treat you?

If you are having a bad day, and still need to go out to buy some groceries. You just grab the first clothes you can find and don’t worry about your hair. What would you like others to say?

If you are having a tough period, and at work you can only do the bare minimum. You avoid coffee breaks as you do not want to talk to anybody, you delay your lunch break to grab a quick bite by yourself. How would you like others to talk about you?

If you are not answering that message because it would mean you finally need to have that difficult conversation you have postponed for so long. What would you like others to call you?

The next time we reach for an easy judgement, let’s keep in mind what we’d like others to do when it’s our turn.

One thought on “What we’d like

  1. I appreciate the pingback, Fabrizio. It is a type of thinking outside the square, isn’t it? When we make a judgement about clothes, behaviour or comments, we don’t and can never really know what has happened to that person that day. They may have encountered tragedy or elation, been given a tough decision or relived a past trauma. Yet it is so easy to look at the behaviour at face value and think that they are being unreasonable.
    If we are aware of this, we can respond, rather than react to the initial presentation.


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