Important and not

Can you listen to an argument you do not support without interrupting?

Can you accept someone speaking at a public event near you about a topic that is sensitive and towards which you have a strong opinion, without mounting a protest and demanding the event cancelled?

Can you survive your favourite TV show being cancelled, or ending, or going through a disappointing season, without getting in touch with fellow fans and coming up with displays of affections towards the show that almost cross the limit of aggression?

Can you continue on your path when your community is led by a person you vividly dislike and disagree with, without being sucked up into the cult of that person and discuss what they do, say, tweet at every occasion, in disdain and disgust?

Some things are important, and worth figthing for.

The vast majority are not.

At some point along the road, we have lost the capacity to distinguish between the two. Everything upsets us, makes us mad, forces us to take unprecedented measures, promotes us to paladins of moral enlightment and rightfulness. We do not realize that even just by doing that, we flatten a multitude of interesting topics, solid arguments, and valid positions into an ocean of noise, resentment and, eventually, irrelevance. And that, slowly, happens also to us.

“Distraction” is a very appropriate way to describe all this. It’s a form of resistance that prevents us from persistently doing the work that eventually will lead to actual change.

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