Will you waste it?

It is fairly easy to step out of anonimity for a moment, particularly in this world in which everybody has unlimited access to tools and channels to reach a wide variety of people.

Of course, sustaining it for longer is as intense as a job. It’s not by chance that nowadays bloggers, youtubers, influencers that have spent time and effort building a dedicated audience get paid to produce more content.

But if you break through even just once, even with no intention to continue on the same track, there’s an important decision you have to take: what will you do with the attention you have gathered? Will you just waste it and move on to trying the next thing, or will you follow up to signal and build something, even small, that can make an impact?

Careful, though, as while you think about it, the needle moves faster and faster towards the former. At some point, it will just be to late to choose otherwise.

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