You don’t know it

What should you learn next?

Should you double down on something you are already good at, trying to refine your expertise in that field?

Or should you try to fill a gap, working on something that you and people around you see as a weakness?

I have changed my opinion over time on this particular topic, and now I am more inclined to invest on further developing traits that are already strong. This might vary at different career stages, though.

One important thing to keep in mind should you decide to put effort in learning something you don’t know is the following.

You don’t know it.

Progress might be slow, you might hit a wall more than once, your motivation might falter. And when that happen, remember.

You don’t know it.

Be extremely kind with yourself, as beating yourself up for something you don’t know is like beating yourself up because you are not tall or your hair are not the type you desire.

You are learning something new: it’s going to be difficult, you have to give yourself time, it’s an opportunity not a matter of life and death.

By the way, you should never bet your career or your possibility to be hired in an important role on something you don’t know. It’s just not worth it.

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