Out of an audience of 100 people, seeking advice on how to get started with a project, when the speaker – who has extensive experience with that project – invites the audience to connect, this will happen.

90 people will do nothing.

7 people will send an invitation to connect.

2 people will send an invitation to connect and a personal message.

1 person will send an invitation to connect, a personal message, and ask a question that will help them get started with the project.

The points being:

  1. If you are one of the 90, remember that time is an extremely valuable asset, and your time in particular.
  2. Getting an edge on the other 99 is so easy.

Take the first step

If you want to meet somebody, take the first step.

If you would benefit from being more networked, take the first step.

If you think you should develop some skills, take the first step.

If you seek a reference for the next job application, take the first step.

If you’ve met an interesting person you want to stay in touch with, take the first step.

If you need a change in your life, take the first step.

If you crave a chat with a friend, take the first step.

Things will not just happen because you go through your day, and the first step is always the most difficult to take. Nobody else will take it for you.

A dear friend

Life is a combination of different parts.

Yourself. The people you get to build ties with. Your family. The work you do. Your beliefs and principles. Your well-being. The job you do to benefit your community. The partners you choose.

And when something bad happens in one part of our life – we get fired, a relationship ends, we are stuck in our development, etc. – it is very common to magnify that until it becomes the totality and the absolute reality of our entire existence.

To put things back in perspective, we might need help. And perspective is always a dear friend.

Journey over destination

Since early on, they tell us it’s going to be easy.

That most things are natural, that talent is innate, that success is overnight. That relationships are a given. That having kids is just as simple as drinking a cup of coffee. That the way you go into the world, your purpose, your principles, are going to be very clear and eventually magically manifest in front of you. Without any effort.

Instead, it’s tough.

Almost every thing that is worth something requires blood, sweat, and tears.

And that’s probably what makes it worth it.

Journey over destination.