Not a choice

Somebody once told me: “If you don’t tell me you don’t like it, you are the one losing, as I will go on doing it.”

A key takeaway from this article about radical candor, is that it’s not really a choice.

You might refrain from delivering criticism because of kindness, or because you don’t like being criticized in the first place, or perhaps the timing is not right, as everybody is in a hurry, and you’ll get back to it later, when the situation is calmer.

In the meantime people develop habits, that gets consolidated and more difficult to notice and adjust. You get frustrated, nurture a negative narrative about the other person, figure out ways to live with it and postpone the confrontation.

Until it all breaks down. If only..

Time and potential are wasted by not being candid in the first place.

One thought on “Not a choice

  1. […] Finally, remove “good job” (and its variants “great work”, “amazing content”, “superb teamwork”, …) from the accepted phraseology. If something is truly good, make a commitment to say why it is so, and how it does serve the purpose of the organization at this stage. If it’s not, establish an environment in which candid criticism is accepted and not taken as a personal judgement of someone’s abilities. […]


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