Fair price

In our days and age of uninterrupted special offers, it’s worth keeping in mind few things.

Free does not exist. It’s a mirage, an oasis of opportunities where all you can actually find is mere sand. That’s why, for example, social networks are such a disappointing experience: not only they are not free to their real customers (advertisers), they are also not free for us all, for our communities, for the society. They are fake, a mirage indeed.

Cheap does exist. And yet, you have to keep in mind that somebody is paying for the missing bit. Sometimes it is the customer, in the form of poor quality. Sometimes it is the employees, in the form of poor working conditions. Sometimes it is the community, in the form of less taxes. Almost never, it is the owners.

Expensive does scare. First, because we live in a world of cheap. Second, because not necessarily the premium price prevents the risks intrinsic to cheap from manifesting. So, you might turn out with something you have paid very much for and is still poor quality, bad working conditions, low taxes.

Fair does entice. It is the result of continuous negotiation and changing scenarios. Also, it’s not only applied to monetary evaluation. As consumers, we are empowered to ask for fairer quality, fairer working conditions, fairer taxes. Also when they do not affect us firsthand. Especially when they do not affect us firsthand.

Fair is a difficult concept, and it is often overwhelmed by convenience. It is ok if we are not ready to go for it. Let’s just be mindful about what the other options imply.

2 thoughts on “Fair price

  1. […] Number 1, the level of mistrust towards tech companies is continuosly growing. And for good reasons. Faceapp is not alone in telling users that the company owns everything that is uploaded on their servers. After recent scandals, people are sceptical and ask good questions about what is done with the data they share within apps and other online services. It’s absolutely legitimate, and it’s fair. […]


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