What is your predominant status?

Anger. “You can’t, you shan’t”. This is the status of fear, of control, of walls to be built, of closed doors and burnt down bridges, of punishment, of arrogance, of self-blindness, of others as a tool to achieve your goals.

Regret. “I could, I should”. This is the status of incompleteness, of insatisfaction, of “if only”, of constant research of something you have already achieved, of blaming the circumstances, of not going beyond because you don’t know what’s behind.

Judgement. “They could’ve, they should’ve”. This is the status of gossip, of spreading mean words, of thinking ourselves better than others, of looking outside rather than inside, of being stuck, of never getting along with anybody.

Empowerement. “We can, we shall”. This is the status of leaders, of knowing about the possibilities, of not letting go to desperation even if you do not know the path, of getting other together around a dream, of looking where others can go and not where they are now.

All are possible, and different circumstances might make us prefer one or the other. Yet eventually you’ll have to start thinking about your legacy, and double down on what you want to leave behind.

3 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. Hmmm, even though your posts are aimed at business, they can be also interpreted at a personal level. The contrast between empowerment and the other options is stark. I can think of the New Zealand Prime Minister’s response to the Christchurch tragedy and then compare this to 9/11 and George Bush or Saddam Hussein. They are poles apart. One seeks to rebuild and the other destroy as a first response, which dovetails into a legacy.


    • I do not see professional and personal as two very much distinct things. After all, businesses are made of people, and rarely you find someone who behaves one way at the office and one way in their private life.
      Your example is very appropriate, I had not thought about hat. Kudos to Prime Minister Ardern. It is so simple, and yet so difficult, to do the right thing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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