What comes first?

If you have something you are proud of and care about, rather than starting by listing all of its benefits and advantages, first ask.

Who is it for?Who is the audience, what are their characteristics, where do they hang out, and with whom, and for what.

How does it help them fulfill their purpose?What do they think about themselves and the world they live in, how do they want to shape their world, where does my idea stand in achieving this, will it be a tool in their hands, or the purpose itself, or a way to understand something before they go there.

Why should they care?How is my offer different from the other thousands (yes, there are that many), how can I make it different, what twist should I focus on, what should I avoid speaking of, what does resonate and what does not.

As much as they seem trivial, these questions often leave entrepreneurs and start-up founders speechless, or stuttering at best. It takes time to answer them, yet they can take you a very long way in understanding what to do next, where to take your idea, how to invest your next euro.

On this note, here is the bit that spakerd today’s thought (follow the link and check the video).


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