As soon as possible

As soon as possible is the shortest way to failure.

Even when it comes from you (for you).

Even when it’s about something important.

Even when everybody else has already done it.

As soon as possible is a great way to impress an urgency in somebody’s mind for a very short time. And then make everybody forget about it, often even before the job is done.

That’s not why you are here.

Mental shifts

When I was a teenager, and computers where just starting to become common things in Italian households, I remember a family friend used to be convinced that they could transmit viruses that where dangerous to people.

What happened is that he probably heard about computer viruses, and he just stuck to his own definition: viruses are a danger for human beings.

This challenge in making new ideas fit into old mental concept and ideas is very common. And if you fall into that, you are not an idiot or uneducated. You simply still have not had the mental shift.

And for that, you are pretty much always in time.


There’s too much talk about improvement and growth and too little talk about acceptance and contentment.

Wanting to be better, wanting to have more, wanting to learn and move forward, these are all very commendable aspirations. But when they get applied to every situation and when we look at them in the shortest possible amount of time, they are just going to eat us.

Life is not that long, and we need to find a way to be OK with what we have, with who we are.


One of the things that’s more infuriating is acting in a way that does not fit the image we have of ourselves.

Raising the voice when we like to think we are calm and understanding.

Cheating at a game when we like to think we are fair and honest.

Gossiping to fit in when we like to think we are open and trustworthy.

And the funny thing is that it’s true whether we have a clear idea of who we want to be or not.

But if we don’t know what we want to be, we’ll never figure out what infuriates us, nor we will ever do anything to correct that.