It’s not a negative thing to question your strongest beliefs.

You might either get away with some new ones or with some stronger convictions.

Of course, it’s scary. Because for a moment, in the process, you might not know what to hold on to, you might feel lost, you might feel shaky.

On the other side, though, there’s a richer version of you.


We want something, and when we get it we end up being deeply disappointed, unexpectedly scared, ultimately sad.

It might be because that thing is not what we wanted (or needed), but often it’s also because we do not have a clear idea of what the thing will entail. What skills are needed, what resources are necessary, what it actually means to be in the situation.

So, before we move onto the next big project – the new thing we really, really want now – let’s try to be with our achievement for a while. Let it sink in, get used to its reality, make it comfortable.

It might as well be that a bit of routine and practice is all we need next.

Quantity or quality

It’s not quantity that will make you feel accomplished and satisfied. That’s a lazy proxy for work that matters.

It’s not even quality. That’s volatile and no two people would agree on what that means.

It’s the alignment between what you do and what you stand for. And too often we mistake quantity or quality for the final goal.

Being with

Some situations have the power to take us back to the ground. They remind us we are not invincible, they prove time is a very limited resource, they point to someone who is more prepared.

When we go past them and their drama, they can teach us to be with what we have and what we are, to the best of our own possibilities.

That’s what they are really for.

Not confident, not fearless

Three things that will not make you nervous, that will not scare you, that will not make you lose your sleep, that will not make you cry when you are rejected.

  1. Things you don’t care about.
  2. Things that are boring for you.
  3. Things that have nothing to do with your purpose.

The point is that when are onto something that matters, you will feel anxiety and fear. That’s a sign of the stakes you are putting on that thing. What’s important is acknowledging the feelings, accepting where they come from, and finding ways to cope with them so that you can function and progress.

It’s never been about feeling confident and fearless. That’s a lie for Hollywood movies.