You need to train your capacity of letting go of ideas, projects, opinions.

Because when you get too attached to those, you risk getting your perspective on the world narrowed. And that’s when you stop learning and developing.

There’s no need to start with big things, but if you can open yourself to a different opinion, delegate a project to somebody you trust, abandon an idea that’s not taking you anywhere, and if you can do it over and over again, that is a great training for your future flexibility.


There’s an increasing amount of people that sells get-rich-quick schemes. They leverage weakness and dissatisfaction, and they abuse platforms that don’t care about quality, or well-being, or best interest. Their quid pro quo is usually something like “give me a few hundreds euros to enroll in this class and this person will teach you how to make thousands of euros every day”.

I know it sounds great. I know it’s appealing. I know it’s a difficult time, and it will probably get more difficult before it gets easier.

But those are scams.

The only way is the long, impervious, boring, frustrating way of doing.

So take the urgency of those fake gurus and channel it towards a practice. Start now.


A great resolution for the new year, in case you are late and wonder how to jump on the bandwagon, is to give up on your phone.

Not completely, not immediately.

Start with one hour. Leave it off, in another room. Or even better, check your weekly usage report and start with those apps that you feel are wasting the most of your time. Get rid of them, hide them, lock them.

If you manage to do it consistently for a few days in a row, it will stick, I promise.

The reward is now.

Fifth year

I started posting on this blog almost exactly four years ago. And with one exception only, I have posted every day since then.

So, how do you make resolutions that stick and that become habits?

There’s no magic, and if you have already cracked your code, no need to go looking for something else.

If you haven’t though, here you can read about the importance of not waiting, here you can read about how to make strong resolutions, and here you can read about how to make even stronger resolutions.

Happy 2023, my fifth year of blogging.

New and old

What will the new year bring?

The end of the year is not an eraser. Just like you do not become immediately wise and adult the day you turn 18 (or 21), the new year will not give you a new you, free of old fears, uncertainties, pains, and problems.

So, the question really is: are you ready to handle all of that in 2023, and perhaps make something out of it?

If the answer is no, there is your new year resolution.