The sum of small things

We all like a hero story, and a very heroic idea is that our lives, our careers, our relationships (and sure, also our marketing efforts) will be memorable because of a few big moments.

There are two problems with this approach.

First, it sets a waiting attitude. We wait for something to happen, and even when we intentionally work to make it happen, the focus is always on that wonderful moment that will magically fix everything else.

Secondly, it makes us stop caring about the small things. The idea is that details or small items do not matter because they will not make an impact.

*This is, by the way, also the reason why we say yes so often. We measure the social downside of saying no against the tiny effort of saying yes to a short meeting, a tiny task, a small favour. While actually we should measure that against the long-term accumulation of small things that prevents us from achieving anything.*

It is the sum of small things that gives purpose and meaning.

And small things are here and now.

Be ready to embrace and protect them.

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