What is holding you back?

Your boss is not appreciating your work as they should.

That colleague of yours never invites you to important meetings.

Your family does not grant you enough time to cultivate your passion.

The company you want to work for did not answer your application.

Recruiters in your area are simply looking for a different profile.

Customers do not get what your product can do for them.

They probably are.

But the point is, what can you do to change that?

Do you have a problem with authority you can work on? Do you struggle to build relationships with peers? Can you have a conversation with your family to explain why your passion matters to you? Are there skills or holes in your experience that prevent you from being called back when you apply to jobs? Can you do a better job at understanding the people you serve?

Blaming it on the others is an easy escape, one that often gets us stuck. So, what is truly holding you back?

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