How much power

Expectations have the power to shape our reality.

When we go into a situation with low expectations, chances are we will be positively surprised. And the other way around, of course.

This is even more true, and somehow brutal, when applied to relationships. What we expect of and from people vastly impacts the way we think about them, the way we evaluate them and ultimately the way we behave with them.

Nobody can go without expectations.

But we can label them as such, and accept the fact that they are probably unrealistic, as they take only our perspective into consideration.

When we succeed in this, we open up to a whole new set of experiences we can learn from. We end up growing, gradually mitigating future expectations, and eventually behaving with people the way they wish to be treated (vs the way we wish to be treated).

Expectations are like thoughts. We decide how much power to give them.

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