Why are you so involved in this quarrel?

It is an honest question to ask yourself, particularly when things stall and no progress is made towards a resolution.

More often than not, we discuss to feed our ego.

Of course, we believe our perspective is the right one (the people we are discussing with do believe theirs is too). But deep down, we do not know. And experience should tell us that minimum variations to a plan, to a campaign, to a project, do not return major fluctuations in the outcome under most circumstances.

So, why are you so involved in this quarrel?

Consider the scenario in which you win, and see if the impact on the context you are seeking to affect would be bigger than the time, the energy, the foregone opportunities you are investing right now.

Making a step back and giving way is probably the most productive thing you can do. That’s a way to cultivate the focus you need to change the world.

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