There’s a feeling that often arises when we achieve something we’ve been working on for long. The feeling of not deserving it.

Our minds work in a weird way.

In the very moment we should be the proudest of ourselves, when our efforts have finally turned into results, we feel like it was all a huge mistake, we really are not worthy of it, and eventually, soon, someone is going to find out and take it all away.

When that happens, do two things.

First, voice your fear. Tell it to somebody close to you and, if possible, also to somebody close to the achievement. If, for example, the achievement is professional, tell it to a colleague, or even to your boss, in case there’s enough trust established between the two of you.

Second, understand that this is what makes it important. You would not feel that for something you would not care about. The very fact you are in that position means it was an achievement worth pursuing and that it matters to you.

We can’t escape the feeling, but there’s no need to let it take control of us and govern our next moves.

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