The benefits of one day

When you deviate from your path to take a shortcut, you must be aware that you are probably going to waste twice the energy. Merely because the demotivation deriving from the realization that the shortcut is not working (it very rarely does) is going to throw you a long way back from the starting point.

Most things that matter require time and dedication.

Wanting to get there faster is natural, but the time we make and take to actually achieve what we set out to achieve is precious.

It prepares us for the outcome, it makes us stronger, it builds resilience, and often it gives us the opportunity to understand if the pin we are moving towards is the real destination we have envisioned and hoped for. It trains us.

If students expend one day’s effort, they will reap the benefits of one day. After many days and months one will naturally reach the goal.

Yang Ch’eng Fu

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