Consistency is about understanding what matters to you, and then relentlessly act in agreement with that.

Of course, not all the things can matter. What is important to you? Is it punctuality, honesty, openness, candour, performance, trustworthiness, impact, family, work, relationships, knowledge, expertise, power, generosity, compassion, empathy, confidence, independence, audacity, heroism, harmony, challenge, … . How do you define that in a way that makes it important to you?

That is the first step, one that is often overlooked. Be careful with your choice, because the second part is going out there in the world and showing up every day, in private and in public, in agreement with whatever you have chosen.

If you value punctuality, you should not be late, and when you are, you should apologise and repair.

If you value generosity, jealously clinging to what you have is probably not your thing.

If you value power, you might not want to turn and wait when somebody is left behind.

It sounds difficult, and it is. But the alternative is changing the way you act when the wind changes, following the mood of the moment: demanding openness today and complaining for getting it tomorrow; promoting honesty in the morning and lying in the afternoon; building a career on audacity and charisma and pretending people will believe you are a considerate leader that seeks harmony.

We know how this feels, so the work needed to achieve consistency is worth it.

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