A run and some learnings

I went for a run today, and after few kilometres I began to feel low on energy. I kept going for a while, then I had to slow down and continue walking to recover. I did that three or four times, with running segments ever shorter and walking segments ever longer. I was feeling depleted, as if I had no energy, and particularly the parts uphill were almost painful. I was not proud of myself, to be honest.

When home, I checked my tracking app and, to my complete surprise, I had been faster than I had ever been before. A lot faster. On the same track, I had cut my personal best by more than 7 minutes, and I had kept a pace that was way higher than I am used to, with peaks that I had not reached ever before.

That was probably the reason why I was feeling so tired and low on energy. Without any particular intention, without even noticing it, I was overdoing it.

Three key take aways.

First, you need to allocate flexibility and space in your practice to slow down when you feel tired, stressed, sick or simply down.

Second, we are very poor judges of our own performance, being kinder to ourselves and more receptive to the signals we get (from our body, from the environment, from people around us) is most likely a good idea.

Third, as we are very fallible when it comes to judging ourselves, we need to have clear ways to measure what we are doing, free from bias and narratives.

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