Tasks you don’t like

The way you deal with a task you don’t want to do greatly defines how you approach change.

You can refuse to do it, as you don’t want. Set out to seek another task, another job, another purpose. And yet, despite the continuos search, you favour the status quo. Your status quo. No big changes on the horizon.

You can do it, without commitment. Do just the bare minimun, or maliciously comply. Most organizations almost demand you to do that. Even in this case, there’s not much to expect in terms of change, as the less you commit the more things will stay the same. Your boss is not going to realize they are wrong.

You can do it, to the best of your possibilities. Already in the act of doing, trying to better the outcome, even if marginally. And in the meantime letting the minor achievements recharge your batteries and increase your competence. All in preparation of changing the task itself and the hearts of those assigning it. Drip by drip. Until you actually end up liking it. It’s a long and windy road, and you’ll end up changing the world.

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