Are you engaging?

Around the world, only 16% of employees say they are fully engaged with their work (see also here).

It is possible that your company is an exception, and yet research shows that it is a whole lot more likely it is not. This means, most of your employees approach their work as just a job.

How do you turn this around? How do you make sure that people you hire remain motivated in the long term and do not start planning their next career move within the first six months?

Leaders need to take a step back.

The power they have is not in telling others what to do, or arguing they have the right answers, or playing games to favor their ascent. Nor it is in hiding behind “busy”, in travelling 90% of their time, in delivering what is not necessary and failing to deliver what is, in being late to meetings.

They can bring people together around a purpose, and then work from the sideline to support team members at every stage of the journey. The power they have is in making others better, not in making themselves better.

It is a radical shift that still has to concretize. And who gets there first, will have a considerable competitive advantage for a long time.

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