Top of mind

If a blurry beverage cup appears by mistake in the most popular TV series ever, clearly out of place, and everybody thinks it belongs to your brand, you have won the lottery.

Better put, you are reaping the benefits of decades of hard work making the association between take-away (hot) drinks and your brand immediate. Top-of-mind.

Every company, every person can have the same.

What do people think about when they think of you? Or, what kind of things make people think of you? How do you position yourself? It is a long and winding road, one that is built on a foundation of awareness and purpose. But boy, it is worth it.

You can easily be a guy from marketing, or you can work your way to being the guy we call every time we have to write incredibly effective copy. You can quickly become part of the team, or you can make the effort to be the one who spots and (most importantly) solves difficult problems before others even notice them. You are certainly part of our community, or you can go out of your way to go collect the trash that someone has left on the path that many kids walk everyday to daycare.

Branding and positioning is great for companies, and even greater for individuals. The great news is that the circle that acknowledges your traits needs not be greater than your family or your closest friends.

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