Marketing and social media

Gary Vaynerchuck often repeats that as a marketer, the only thing he cares about is where the attention of the people is.

This is something I very much respect. Marketers should not be in a personal relationship with any platform, tool, channel. They should care about finding ways to establish a connection with their audience. What Gary Vee says is particularly important in a World in which many marketers still think that they _NEED_ a Facebook page, an Instagram account or a Pinterest strategy.

But I am struggling more and more to distinguish my identity as a marketer and my identity as a (decent) human being.

So, what happens if the attention of the people is on a channel that is increasingly damaging shares of the population and of society?

It is not my intention to be paternalistic nor bigot in approaching such dilemma. I just want us to consider when we should start caring about the fact that our marketing money is feeding unhealthy behaviour, toxic and dangerous ecosystems or openly wrong actions.

I have no answers, unfortunately. Yet these are questions of growing importance for me.

Should we care? Probably yes.

Should our business targets make us blind towards this (or this)? Probably not.

Is there a way to be relevant marketing-wise if we remove the most popular tools a marketer has in this age and time? That deserves a lot more consideration, and I hope this blog will help me elaborate in that direction.

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