About entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is overrated. And it is underestimated.

Wanting to be an entrepreneur is great. But.

Don’t be one if you want more freedom. Being an entrepreneur does not mean being free, you still have to abide to quite many written and unwritten rules. And eventually, many entrepreneurs feel that they are slave to their work, much more than employees often do.

Don’t be one if you want more time. I don’t even know why this is still a myth, but people actually say that. You will work 24/7. Making your own day does not mean that you will be home every evening by 18 to spend time with the kids and that you will have two days a week to dedicate to family and hobbies. Your work is your family, your hobby, your only thing.

Don’t be one if you want to be rich or successful. We only read the stories of (and idolize) those who make it, and of course we want to walk in the path they cleared. Truth is, most entrepreneurs fail. And fail again. And again. Without ever seeing an inch of success.

Don’t be one if you are tight financially. This links to the paragraph above. Even in the remote scenario your company will be actually successful and profitable, and you can pay yourself and your people a honest and decent salary, you will be personally busted before that happen if when you start you do not have a solid financial basis.

I understand this might sound harsh, yet if there is something I heartily hope for everybody is to do things mindfully. To actually look at their own situation and decide, for themselves, without the influence of some idle stereotypes, what they can and want to do.

Being entrepreneurial does not have to necessarily translate into being an entrepreneur. There are plenty of works out there that demand entrepreneurial skills, and at the same time give a solid salary, chances for success, acceptable work-life balance and the freedom to take responsibility over your work.

Be ready and make your choice.


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