The point of origin of change

If all the countries in the World would give up their military investments and gradually dismantle their military force, there would be no reason for any country in the World to invest in military and have a military force.

We agree on the fact that this will never happen.

There are many interests at stake, and most of all there is a trust issue. The general approach is “if my neighbour has one, I need one too”. Or going back to the paradox in the first paragraph, “if our neighbour does not stop investing in military, why should we?“.

Now, think about how many time throughout the day this is our approach to much more petty and fake disputes.

If the person sitting in front of me on the bus does not stand to allow an elderly person to sit, why should I?
If my sister does not call me, why should I (call her)?
If my colleague does not appreciate my job, why should I (appreciate her)?
If my community does not care about the ones who have less, why should I?
If my neighbour does not shovel the snow from the common spaces, why should I?

Sometimes change is difficult. And sometimes caring less about what the others do and being the point of origin of a change is easy and generous. And who knows the impact it can have on your and other people’s lives.

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