Do you have anything to say?

Few things you might want to consider if you have something important to communicate inside your organisation over a certain amount of time. It might be a project, a change, a new tool, an improved process, a different structure.

First of all, be ready to reiterate the message. Do not expect everybody to be on the same page after you have sent out an email or updated the internal communication tool. It will take time, so prepare to have something to say about it in different occasions.

And (secondly), prepare to do so on different types of media. People absorb information in different ways. Some prefer to read, some to watch a video, some to watch an infographic. With modern tools, it is very easy to be creative in many forms, make sure you are considering the various ways you can reach your audience with.

Thirdly, pace your communication with a schedule. It’s not ideal to receive 27 notifications from you in 1 single day. As you are working on something that will take time, you should factor time in. What do you have to say today? What this week? What this month? What next month? After all, you’ll have different formats and occasions to talk about what you care, do not overload everybody on the starting line.

Finally, ensure some kind of space for feedback. Communication is never one way, as you progress in your journey, people will have things to say, questions to ask, doubts to raise. Set up occasions for this to happen, and be ready to follow up on what is said. Wait there: “follow up” does not mean “change your plans according to (what is said)”, I hope we are clear on that.

And since a couple of interesting words have (fortunately) crept in the paragraphs above, before you even start make sure you have very clear who your audience is (the whole company? for real?), and what the message you want them to get is (probably, not just how things are going with this or that).

Good luck!

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