“Does it get me votes?”

Politics, politicians and political parties should lead us towards the future.

They should see what we can’t see, as we are caught up in our day-to-day routines and problems. And they should make sure that our struggles, efforts and work have a purpose. Be it a better lifestyle, an healthier country, a more communal World.

What is happening across the border, instead, is that we are the ones calling the shots. The only thing that matters is our vote, and so instead of asking “does it make sense?”, the only question politics, politicians and political parties want answered is “does it get me votes?”.

I spoke to a very plugged-in House Republican. And he told me, listen, most House Republicans do not have federal workers in their district. So, he point-blank said, it’s not in our interest to end the shutdown.

Lisa Desjardins (full story on PBS)

It sounds crazy, considering the amount of discontent in the World today, yet we have an incredible power. It is up to us to force the political entities to stop acting as managers, carefully allocating resources to do more with less, and embracing once again the leading role that perhaps they once had.

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