Lazy holidays

I have the feeling that social media has made us lazier. I can’t find another way to explain the multitude of indistinguishable posts and newsletters from organisations one is exposed to during the holiday season.

“Merry Christmas from our team!”, “Here’s to a wonderful 2019 together!”, “Happy New Year!”.

Here are few ideas for next year. To stand out from the crowd and attempt to establish a stronger connection with your audience.

  • Tell me how the holidays will impact my business and how I can prepare for that.

  • Tell me how to get ready for the holidays.

  • Give me access to a service that is usually closed, for a limited amount of time.

  • Tell me your story, what you have achieved during the year, what’s on the agend for the next. Make it personal.

  • Raise awareness on a change your organisation wish to make, and explain why it is important to me too.

  • Match all donations to a charity of you choice.

  • Send a gift.

  • Give a discount.

  • Share a video of someone higher up in your organisation while they do something impactful in your community during the holidays.

  • Share a video edit with each one of your employees saying why we should pick or continue picking your organisation the next year.

If any of these ideas work for your organisation, go make it in 2019 and shine in your customers’ timelines or mailboxes during the next holiday season.