How quickly can you get out of an argument?

How quickly can you say, “it does not matter”, and forget about it.

How quickly can you say, “you might be right”, and shift your perspective.

How quickly can you say, “we don’t agree”, and proceed together.

How quickly can you say, “that’s alright”, and put the difference out of your mind.

Just a reminder that no matter how hard you try, you can’t win an argument.

Let the right one in

What you want in life is to find those who see where you are going, your potential, your true self.

Many see where you have been, what you did wrong, where you failed, your shortcomings, your missteps, your fragility. You are the first one to see all of that and make it the focus of everything you do.

Someone who can go beyond that and still cheer for you is precious.

For a few seconds Oskar saw through Eli’s eyes. And what he saw was…himself. Only much better, more handsome, stronger than what he thought of himself. Seen with love.

John Lindqvist, Let The Right One In

What’s keeping your team?

What’s keeping you from achieving more, being more motivated, completing that task or project?

Each one of us will have their own answer, but in an organisation, the most common answer must be meetings.

Meetings without an agenda and a list of actions to follow up with.

Meetings that are updates.

Meetings that should have been an email or a Slack message.

Meetings to give feedback on a piece of work you have never seen before.

Meetings that are workshops that aim at fixing a problem with participants who have no idea what the problem is, let alone the skill set to fix it.

If you are a manager of people, your first responsibility should be to rid their calendars of meetings.

Completely off

The way people will think of you does not depend on how productive you are, on your job title, on your responsibilities, on how much money you make, on the number of meetings you attend, on how often you share your opinion.

The way people will think of you does depend on how you make them feel when you are around.

How supportive you are.

How helpful you are.

How kind you are.

How listening you are.

How empowering you are.

Our set of values is often completely off the mark.