Meeting others is energising.

It’s when you get to share ideas, when you get to improve your thinking, when you get to tell your stories, when you get to learn something more about you, when you get to solve difficult and interesting problems.

The last two years (and some) have been tough on this aspect.

Now is the time to recharge the social batteries and look farther.

Do unto others

Do unto others what you would like them do unto you.

Isn’t that THE golden rule?

Be kind to others if you want them to be kind with you.

Be honest and trustworthy with others if you want honesty and trust.

Don’t cheat on others if you don’t like to be cheated on.

But also – with a marketing twist.

Don’t put out there content you would not read yourself.

Keep your forms simple, as you like them when you are the prospect.

Don’t reach out to people after one signal, since you don’t want to book a meeting after downloading a guide.

It’s a golden rule indeed, yet one we fail to practice often.

And the main reason might be that we are inclined to believe that we are somehow special, that we are worthy of forgiveness, that we (and our product, and our services) will always get a second, and a third, and a fourth chance.

The harsh reality is that we are not.

So, do unto others what you would like them to do unto you.

The importance of systems

If you are late and cannot find your trousers in the mess you have made of your wardrobe, most likely you will be even more late.

If your pipeline dried up and you need a few more deals to close the year, most likely you will close the year short.

If you have many employees leaving because your culture is toxic, most likely a couple of new benefits will not reverse the trend.

The point is, when shit hits the fan, it’s late to make changes. Not “too late”, because you can still organize your wardrobe before the next appointment, or start building pipeline for the next year. But still late for whatever it is you want to achieve now.

That’s why systems are so important. They support you (and others around you) when things don’t go according to plans.

And things rarely go according to plans.

Important to whom

When you want to do things that matter, things that change the status quo, things that make an impact, a great place to start is to own your own schedule.

Even if you are in an entry-level role, if you keep bouncing from one task that is important to your senior colleague to the next task that is important to the manager, you will never get to what is important to you.

And that, in the long term, matters more than anything else.

Silence is not weakness

A problem needs a solution.

A hunch needs clarity.

An idea needs execution.

An opinion needs an audience.

The point is, you can’t treat them all in the same way. If you share a hunch with an audience, most people will find it pointless and fail to understand. If you try to execute on a opinion, most of the times you’ll end up going alone. If you give your audience a problem, they will look at you for a solution.

If you are unsure what you are about to express, it’s ok to take some time to think it through.

Silence is not a sign of weakness.