Two take-aways from this clip from the interview between Elon Musk and BBC reporter James Clayton.

  1. It does not matter who has your back, you have to be prepared. You have to know what you are talking about. You have to do your research. You have to have facts. And if you don’t, which is fair, because sometimes there’s just too much to know, just avoid the topic you are not prepared about altogether. Drop it.
  2. There’s a point when you are winning an argument where you need to check with the situation and concede something to the part that is losing the argument. If you don’t, you are just going for the kill, and nobody appreciates that.


There’s what we hope it will happen.

There’s what we hope it won’t happen.

And often we hold on to the former to get motivation, inspiration, excitement. Or we let the latter drag us down, feed our fears, control our life.

But we forget that there are also a whole lot of possible in-betweens. Situations that do not match the one or the other perfectly, and are a mix of positive and negative.

That’s what we need to accept.

Life is in the middle.


We can’t control how others will react to us, but we can control how we behave in their presence. What and how we say and share things, how we respond to their requests, what we do when they tell something unexpected, how we are present and listen.

We over-stress about their reaction and pay little to no attention to how we can influence that. We play the part of the bystander when we actually are (one of) the main character(s).

It’s no guarantee that the other person’s will do what we hope for. But we will at least feel infinitely better.