Equinox doesn’t speak January

A positioning statement is not for everybody.

It’s supposed to divide, in order to conquer. It’s supposed to draw a clear line between trite practices and a new way. It’s supposed to be met with opposition, disdain, surprise, resistance – first of all, from those who are supposed to approve and support it.

If a positioning statement does not do that, it’s not a positioning statement.

This IS a positioning statement.

Love it or hate it. That’s the whole point.

Your own thing

It is no longer enough to be able to do your own thing.

Writing a blog post, setting up a campaign, giving an inspirational presentation, writing sequences that sell, hosting an insightful podcast. 99% of us can no longer thrive off of only mastering one of those things.

The two things we need to add to the picture are:

  1. Doing your own thing at scale – e.g., coordinating the writing and distribution of 100 blog post in one year.
  2. Doing your own thing in a way that serves other people that work with you – e.g., coordinating the writing and distribution of a series of blog posts that present the product uniquely and faithfully, while at the same time increases the win rate of prospects in a customer segment.

Art is for the 1%.

For the rest of us, it’s business.

A different metric

When you measure leads, all you are going to get is leads.

And there might be some very good reasons why you measure leads. You might know that a given amount of leads will translate into a given amount of deals. You might know that one lead has a monetary value attached to it. You might know that people feel motivated in trying to get more leads. You might have evidence and proof of these and many other things. But when you measure leads, all you are going to get is leads.

So, what happens when the team that sits in the other room, the team that gets leads as an input and needs to transform that into deals, cannot complete that transformation reliably and consistently?

Well, of course they are going to say that the leads are not good, that they are not quality leads.

And that’s exactly how the relationship between marketing, sales development, sales, and sometimes customer success, works in most B2B companies. There’s always somebody, further down the funnel, that complains because the quality of what they get is not good enough.

Because when you measure leads, all you are going to get is leads.

Quality needs a different metric.

Get started yesterday

Brand is not for your startup only if by brand you mean one of the following things.

A new logo.

A different color palette.

A TV ad.

A celebrity endorsement.

A brand typography.

A cutting-edge website.

If brand instead is your story, the unique point of view you are offering, thought leadership content, reputation, then you should get started with that yesterday.