Not permanent

Who is speaking up in support of the change you seek to make?

If it is always, only you, you most likely have one of two problems.

Problem number 1: you are seeking the wrong change. There is nothing to change, everything works just fine. Or there is something to change, just not what you want to. This happens more often then we care to admit, as we tend to follow our guts when it comes to change. It makes us restless, constantly searching for evidence, submitting ourselves to confirmation bias. In the long run it takes away from our purpose.

Problem number 2: you are seeking change in the wrong place. It might seem awfully similar to problem number 1, but in this case it is actually more about trying to bring on board the wrong people, pushing for change in the wrong organisation, expecting the wrong community to react to something they are not ready for.

One way or the other, there is one caveat about “wrong”: it is not permanent. If you are cautious and aware, you can prepare the ground for “right”. You can advocate, commit, wait, listen,understand. You can act both on the change and on the place, and eventually make them match.

Let’s go!

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