Keep at it

The months we are living are a challenge.

And even those who are lucky enough to still have job, to have a house, a supportive family, food on their table every day, more comfort than the vast majority of the world population. They too are struggling.

We live now in a prolonged liminal phase and we do not know what we will become. As individuals, as a community, as a global society. There is a sizable and constantly present amount of stress and anxiety that is slowly eroding many of the things that used to form our identity, our belonging, our purpose.

In a time like this, we need to keep talking to each other. We need to communicate what we feel, open to other people’s emotions and find common ground. Differences do not matter now.

And we also need to keep practicing. Whatever your practice is, whatever the thing that makes you feel good, whatever the habit that anchors you to the known. Keep at it.

These are the times, after all, where resilience is built.

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